Heart Breakdown

The way they organize your specific form of heart disease is about to have a major overhaul if you are a young woman.

Heart disease in young women presents differently, and most women don't know that. A new analysis of data from researchers at Yale, sheds light on the need for a new system of organizing myocardial infarction that is specific to a younger group of women, since the disease acts differently in this demographic.

From Medscape:

"We believe it is a breakthrough to think that Acute Myocardial Infarction in younger women is, for many people, a different disease," senior author Dr Harlan M Krumholz (Yale University School of Medicine). 

Important facets of heart disease in young women may be missed by studying heart attacks in this population as some uniform condition or using a taxonomy that was not developed with this group in mind.

"We need more specific labels, more personalized and precise phenotyping of what is happening to these women if we are to be better at prevention and treatment," according to Krumholz.

Young women with AMI who do not fit the traditional classification system for AMI remain an enigma and may warrant additional studies looking for microvascular disease (eg, coronary flow reserve with positron emission tomography) or signs of vasomotor instability or thrombophilia, according to Spatz. "I also think it is important for women to know that the efficacy of standard therapies for AMI, including antiplatelet therapy, statins, and beta-blockers, is uncertain," she said.