After Shock: Say What?


The After shock settled and I noticed a strange new symptom of my heart condition: hearing loss. I did a little more research and found a connection between early onset hearing loss and heart disease. It turns out, early onset hearing loss may not be solely from standing next to the speaker at  that Sam Smith concert. Recent research has shown a correlation between early onset hearing loss and cardiovascular disease. The same blood flow that runs through most of our organs also runs to our ear canal. When your heart is affected, blood flow is affected and through that hearing may be affected. So, when I lost low frequency hearing in my right ear, I called my doctor right away. I had never heard the two were correlated, but low and behold, they were. 

The ear canal is connected to the heart in various ways, many still unknown. But what we do know is that heart health is correlated to hearing by way of tissue and blood flow health. Obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels may affect hearing health. If you are experiencing early onset hearing loss, you may want to talk to a cardiologist about the correlation after seeing an ear, nose and throat specialist. If all other causes are ruled out, the specialist may be able to shine light on a concurrent problem with your heart before you even see symptoms.