Join me May 30th, 2016 in Interlaken Switzerland, as I hike the Hardergrat Trail. Check out the gallery to the right to motivate and inspire your own #heartbucketlist goal, or COME WITH ME! I'm looking for other young women who want to spread the word about #heartability and make an #impacteveryday.

When you think about where you want to go, do you think the clouds? I do. As a child, I was constantly day dreaming. I wanted to be a world explorer. Through young adulthood, I traveled as much as I could becoming more and more in love with physically connecting with the world. Fast forward to today.

This year has been trying. Last year I was hiking Everest in the Khumbu region. This year has been riddled with doctors appointments and physical limitations. That's why next year, I have a new physical goal to inspire myself and other young women to live life heart healthy.

When you think about your condition and you think about what you are capable of changing, what comes to mind? Is it your physical health? For me, my goals revolve around seeing the world in a different way: How can I impact others through my work with Heartability? How can I influence others to take charge of their health at a younger age? The answer here lies in my ability to travel.

There are a lot of ways you can take care of your heart with your given condition. I like to combine physical health with mental health. That's why my next goal is so important to women out there who need motivation to take care of their bodies physically so they have a healthy heart.

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