Here's just a sampling of the projects we are implementing:


Finding out you have heart disease can change your life. Fortunately you aren't alone and there are other women who want to talk. Heartability provides peer to peer group support for the most fundamental parts of the process--from education about your condition, to finding appropriate tests and specialists, financial costs, emotional support, and even how to minimize your secondary risk factors.



There are so many young women who have heart disease. Now it's time to tell your story. Heartability seeks other young women to tell their story for heart health. By knowing your condition, telling your story--how at a young age you were affected, and by educating other young women about their risks, you can help change the way the next gen of women sees their heart health.



Heartability is focused on reaching out to a younger generation of women. That means talking to young women about the importance of heart health from an early age, prompting them to talk to their doctor about their hearts earlier, and educating about gender specific heart signs and symptoms. Our goal will be to start by introducing the community to educational programs about gender differences in signs and symptoms of heart disease. We will talk about the typical timeline for different conditions that may affect women--from young adult athlete, to the expecting or new mother, to going through menopause. We will also educate about the gender specific risk factors that can be minimized in order to change their future heart health.